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Vist to Versailles in...New York

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Last Monday, I went to the Apollo Circle’s opening reception for “Visitors to Versailles” at The Metropolitan Museum of Art. While I’ve seen some of Marie Antoinette’s furniture and sconces (those sconces!) at The Met’s permanent exhibit, this was truly special. 

Check out out these gorgeous court dresses! Apparently, it was rather difficult to dance and socialize with the hoop skirt and massive train.

   Evening Dress Evening Train 

A garden dress to walk poetically on the gardens of Versailles. I imagine a corresponding parasol was warranted. This was a casual ensemble. The hoop skirt was eliminated and replaced with hip pads.

Garden dress

Close up on the gorgeous embroidery! They used metallic threads and paste to create these dazzling pieces. 

Floral embroidery Embroidery

I miss the days when guys dressed like this...

Men's Versaille 

Ben Franklin bought this suit in France! He was sized pretty modern. (As opposed to all the doll clothes passing as adult clothing)

Ben Franklin

Marie Antoinette with her husband, Louis XVI of France, and her brother, Archduke Maximilian Francis of Austria. Look at that lace and her hair ribbons!

Marie Antoinette, Louis XVI, Archduke Maximilian

Marie Antoinette with her children on the Versaille grounds. 

Marie Antoinette and her children

There was also an incredible video rendering of Versailles from its time as a hunting cabin through all of the renovations until its demise. It was like a virtual tour and pretty amazing!

I will be lucky enough to go to Versailles one day! 

xoxo, Kim


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