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Today’s everyday shirt

What does everyone want? Need? Wear over and over again? 

...a tee shirt is the common denominator. 

I always like to stretch myself to do something new. Helping people dress the best way that they can AND feel amazing is my ultimate goal. The best way to help people in a wide variety of lifestyles, shapes, sizes, and styles is to create a tee shirt collection. 

It is still Argentous Kim after all. I have been researching, developing, and creating tee shirts for about a year and a half. (I know crazy long right?) I didn’t want to debut any shirts if I didn’t feel that 100% you would all dig. I am obsessed with what is brewing and really think you all will too. 

There is still so much to do! I need to order new samples and do a photoshoot before I reveal what will be in the collection. 

Until then.... stay tuned! 

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  • algirdas on

    that’s what i’m talking about… have some great ideas i can share with you. up your alley.

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