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The best jacket to fly in

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I recently flew from New York to Las Vegas (woohoo!) and wore my Argentous Kim Sincere Jacket. I did not take the jacket off once in the roughly 5hr flight.

I was honestly SO COMFORTABLE! Whenever I fly, I try to sleep and get cozy. However, on planes, I tend to get really cold. Then there are moments of turbulence where I get nervous and hot (yikes). This jacket literally adapted to all of those physical changes and feelings. I literally did not take the jacket off once on the plane.

The leather is so soft it's like a dream. The lining is so silky smooth. There is moisture-wicking fabric that stretches for when you need it. I hate it when I feel stuffy and stiff in a leather jacket. I designed this jacket specifically for travelling. 

My flying routine: I put on my jacket, grabbed my weekender bag, ordered an UBER, and ran out the door. Sat and stressed out about Queens traffic for 30 minutes. Waited and felt anxiety through ticketing and security at JFK. Ran to my gate. Waited and snacked at the gate. Boarded the plane and threw my weekender in the overhead bin. Sat in my seat and went in and out of a nap while a funny movie was playing. Stepped off the plane and went straight to the casino (you have to walk through them to get to the hotels! lol!). Kept the jacket on the entire time (except through TSA check). It complimented my routine and did not constrain. It enhanced my experience and I felt great. I looked chic as well. :) 

ARGENTOUS KIM is your best choice for travelling chic.

xoxo, Kim

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