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No one talked to you at that party?

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Ever been to a party and you feel like no one would really miss you if you weren't there? That revelation has got to hurt. Be one with the crowd and draw people to you like a magnet. You got all dressed up and you deserve some attention. That is the power of what you wear. How you present yourself contributes 100% to the quality of the time you are having. We only have so much time. Make the most of it.

Imagine someone talks to you because they like how you're dressed

Wouldn't that feel amazing? You could meet the most fascinating and interesting person. The exact type of person you came to that party to meet. Dress like you mean it. If you wear Argentous Kim you will absolutely gain attention and turn heads. For the right reasons! Look sophisticated, interesting, and attractive. Go to to learn more and check out the instagram @argentouskim. Hope you do so! The time is now to take action on your style.

Floral T-shirt Party

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