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My All-Over Printed Tees

Made in USA nyc fashion

Hi Everyone!


Some important facts to clarify.


1. You can never have enough T-Shirts.

2. It’s hard to find the perfect one!


I have decided to create my own and am totally obsessed! In fact, I made about 40 shirts and whittled it down to these 4 perfect go-anywhere designs. 


This summer, I’ve been wearing these All -Over Printed shirts all over the place and have been loving them! Made with a super soft and stretchy fabric. I took these photos in Florida and applied them to these Unisex shirts for my life in New York. 


I hope you enjoy tgem them as much as I do. They truly are super comfortable and super stylish. 


Xoxo, Kim 


All-Over Printed T-Shirts

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