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Ahh the Financial District? Locale to my last photoshoot and...of course the World Trade Center, Wall Street, NYSE, the Westfield World Trade Center Shopping Mall, the Seaport, Battery Park, the Staten Island Ferry, etc, etc. It’s a diverse crowd. While there are countless suits, ties and grey hair, there are also yuppies, Condé Nast fashionistas, and aimless millennials. 

What do I have to do with FiDi? It’s where I used to go to for “take your daughter to work day” and had lunch at Fraunces Tavern. It is were I started my professional career as an intern at S&P for two consecutive summers in Consumer Products, Retail, and Restaurant Ratings. I ultimately decided that I needed to stretch my fashion legs and walked away from the financial lifestyle. I have typically avoided the neighborhood to block out certain feelings of “what-if” and hanging out with my father in his natural habitat. 

However, the Financial District is the home of many young people, some of whom I call my friends. There are brand new luxury high rises priced for yuppies who demand amenities. Not just a doorman (that was swanky for gen x) but rooftop lounges, outdoor pools, yoga studios, gyms, and attractive lobby art. I have to admit, as a Murray Hill resident in a relatively nice building, I do envy these amenities. 

Last Saturday, I had a little photoshoot on one of those rooftops and am thrilled with the pics! The shoot was so easy, breezy and went by so fast. Stay tuned for the pics! 

Xoxo, Kim

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