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An American in Holland

Holland and I mix very well. 

I was pleasantly surprised to see how modern and metropolitan the cities of Amsterdam and Rotterdam were. I was there visiting friends and for the thrill of experiencing new places. 

Favorite take aways:

  • The streets were very clean
  • Everyone rides their bikes everywhere! Which means I was inclined to ride a bike everywhere and the roads are built for it. Everyone likes a healthy vacation!
  • The food is pretty healthy. A lot of white fish and vegetable.
  • Dutch style is FIERCEEEEE
  • Everyone is wearing cool european jackets (a lot of leather!!!)
  • The nightclub Mad Fox in Amsterdam was effortlessly fab. I seriously have never seen so many beautiful people. Everyone was dressed up. Every girl was wearing a Chanel bag to boot. A lot of bars in NY or LA can feel like everyone is trying really hard and it can get pretentious....This was not pretentious in anyway. Everyone looked like they belonged. (Maybe because the door man was so strict)

Where is was lacking....

  • While the food was fresh and pretty healthy...I wasn't crazy about the recipes. 
  • It was really hard to get premium vodka or tequila. They also poor weak drinks ;)
  • It's colder there than in NYC!

Anyways, I highlyyyyyy recommend and cannot wait to go back!

xoxo, Kim

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