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Here are my thoughts about Chelsea. It’s overrated. I used to live in Chelsea on 9th Avenue. I still work in the Garment District just North of Chelsea. I’m there All. The. Time. 

It boasts WORLD–RENOWNED art galleries, museums, parks, and restaurants. Which are all truly AMAZING and deserve individual commentary in their own right. In fact, some of my favorite all-of-the-above are in Chelsea.  

I’m taking about the streets, the grunge, the people, the way-of-life. It’s why I left living in Chelsea 5 years ago. It’s why whenever I go out to eat in Chelsea, I take a car. 

Chelsea is filthy and with creepy people walking all over the place. It’s the type of Chelsea my mother told me about before “it got better.” No. While I wasn’t there to witness the scary despot years, I sense it never really changed. There may be some amazing new restaurants and art galleries (and a High Line) but the same creepy vibes still exist. Leftovers from the 90s I suppose. 

That’s part of the glamour of Chelsea. The juxtaposition of having your $20 cocktail at Tao after viewing a multi-million dollar Jeff Koons at David Zwirner. But the cachet is you have to walk 3 blocks of filt in between to keep yourself grounded. Can you spot real beauty with out a foil?

You’ll still catch me in Chelsea just don’t expect to see me walking around wearing open-toed shoes. 

Xoxo, Kim 

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  • Dickman on

    Just say you hate poor people. We’ll understand.

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